Thank you for visiting my website. l am a person who composes music for my own pleasure.  I consider myself a student in every aspect of music and will always be looking to grow and learn the art of composition.  I am a graduate of UC Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies.

The compositions on this website represent my musical output for the past 15 years.  This is as long as I have been actively composing.  I can trace my music pathway (its evolution) in my multi-instrument pieces from Small Orchestra 52, 1-4, through Sextet (40) and 'California Serenade' (54, 1) and then to World Song. 

My digital compositions are what I like to refer to as "Industrial Music", among which are 'Cannibal Invasion' (Fantasy 5), Organ of Delight (Fantasy 16), Mack Truck (Fantasy 27) (derived from heavy rock/metal), 'Dragons & Owls' (Fantasy 30) (fierce dancing dragons and ghostly psychedelic owls, followed by space-time travel...), 'Planet Frog' (Fantasy 39) (a musical perspective of an alien planet), and the latest digital composition 'A First Journey into Deep Space'.

I'd like to dedicate this to Hildegard Von Bingen.  


Steven (2020)