1:31 = 2:55

J Style

Are we going to ignore the beautiful woman at 1:55?


Brandon Sullivan

1:58 a real woman 100%


Ray Smith

1:59 great pair!


Sherlock Homeless

1:58 This woman....What would her job be?


RC Jr.

The woman at 1:57 is beautiful.  Long gone by now.


Virtual Citizen

1:58 Anyone know where I can get her number?


Black Fox

I only came here to see this lady1:59.


The Ambient Holistic

1:57 I love her outfit.


Jse Jaeme

1:57  Beautiful woman.


Mario Franco

2:00 Beautiful girl.



2:00 Lady (!) 



1:58 I love that woman God!!


Cheesy Maccool

1:59 Wow she was gorgeous.....damn gurl!



1:57 Hubba Hubba


Armanda Navarro



Dirty Dan

1:57 She has some right knockers.


Aiden Miles

The Daily Bugle spotted at 2:02


Art Smith

The women are beautiful.  All women have big boobs (1:59).  Good times, beautiful city.



Girl at 1:59, great hooters.  Would love to know her.  Oh wait, never mind.


Ted D. Bear

Balloon smuggler at 2:00.


Felipe Vieja

2:00 Beautiful girl.


Par Golf

Lady at @1:59 looking fine.


Jose Saavedra

So beautiful woman, of that time.


Jaime Rocha

What a beautiful woman (1:58)



1:57 Those are huge melons.


William Joen

That woman at 2:00 was quite lovely.


Toni Camaro

Nice set of CANS ON THAT LADY.  Wow.


Scott Dawg

@ 1:58 She was pretty curvy lol.  No disrespect intended.


Manuel Barrera

What a beautiful lady at minute 1:59 and beautiful little body.



Woman at 1:57...stunning, what a look.


Ricardo Lopez

2:00 Miss Mundo


Henrik Pineapple

2:00 what a delightful and beautiful woman.


Cool Breeze

That in the blue dress was stacked and didn't have to look naked to show it.


   Joe Lazarus

    100% organic.


Michael Labo

2:00 It's a beautiful woman in the past.  Who is she?



1:56 I love this woman.  She walks with class and romance.  Today's woman don't have this class attitude.



Does anybody know the phone number of the babe at 1:57?


Jose Antonio

1:50 who are youuuuuuu!!!



Who's her, Masserati's grandma?


Ron Caruso

At about the 1:58 mark you see that attractive woman staring right at you from 110 years ago!


Andrea T.

Marvelous.  The lady at 1:57 is still charming after 110 years.






I liked a woman on 1:58.  Maybe I'll meet her one day.  )))



1:58  Look at those curves.



The lady entering the screen at 1:57,  Right before exiting she glances at the camera.  How gorgeous she is.  (butterfly image).  Back then (social customs regarding dressing aside) ladies knew the more they left to men's imaginations the more appealing and attractive they were.


Fatil Unal

1:59 What a beautiful lady.  Some of the very old guys here have grandpas and grandmas born in the 1780's and 1790's.  What a timespan.


Furqan Qureshi

Woman at 02:00 is really stunning.


Rafael Olivera

1:57 Elegance and real beauty from 1911.


Juan Bardalez

Minute 1:56 to those who came to see the beautiful lady on the cover.


Eduardo Moran 



A Knot

That lady at 1:54, very pretty.


Crow T. Robot

1:56  That woman's thicc as a bowl of oatmeal.  Fertile at the Nile.


What What

The woman in the thumbnail had a nice body.  Even when they showed her at 1:56 you can tell.


Abu Thurab

1:57 She is beautiful.  


Eva Perez

The lady elegant, beautiful, and how she looked at the camera.  Very coy.  Love that.  I'm SEXY AND I KNOW IT.  And I played that again.



2:00 To be staring at this woman's face from 110 years is pretty amazingl  

         Jakacartaman   It wasn't her face I was staring at.


DJ 81

The lady in the thumbnail looks pretty good lol.  I wish I could go back in time and walk and talk with her.



OMgosh what massive babs.


Voltaire D.J.

That pretty lady at 1:58 is a "Looker" :


Debian Limux

Around 1:56 a Beautiful Woman starts to appear walking - charming, pretty, very well dressed, serene and serious face, a Dream of a Woman.  Surely I would marry this Woman without blinking a eye; I think I feel in love with beautiful woman.  


Star   1 hour ago 

2:55 I'm the Queen of New York


Scottie Pimpin    4 months ago 

1:31 fine lady walks by 1:35 guy: stares intenselein ich   2 months ago


1:31 🤪


Mr T     2 weeks ago (edited) 

Damn, Hottie at 1:29. and the Black guy driving at 2:37...bwah :))))))


J styles  1 week ago 

SEND ME BACK TO 1911 NOW!!! 1:29 I need to ask her out😍


Paul Martin   2 hours ago 

Hot old tyme chick at 2:56.


андрей шев      52 minutes ago 

............ 2:57 ...... тёлочка на фоне утюга....(chick on the background of the iron .....)


Ikea Lamp   2 hours ago 

2:55 I tip my hat to you, dear lady 


beach side      39 minutes ago 

That lady at 2:56 was stacked


Yanelli Morales    32 minutes ago 

2:56 I literally feel like I know that lady.. if there anyway I can find information on her?!?


Seba     1 week ago 

02:58 Very nice girl, I wonder what her life would be like, what she would think at that moment.


Philip E   3 days ago 

The lady walking by at 2:58 looks beautiful and looks like she has a hot body under that thick long dress


Gavin WJ    13 minutes ago 

2:57 ( • )( • )


Z       8 hours ago 

2:57 anyone know her instagram @??


ReliK 55     4 hours ago 

2:55 she thicccc


Ethan Levesque5 hours ago 

2:58 gawdaaaaaam she thick


wally gabreal   44 minutes ago 

minute three a beautifull lady passes by !!!!


Aaron Turner    1 hour ago 

2:56 T H I C C


Antonio & Lailanie Eufracio   14 minutes ago 

2:55 what a doll


Kick a Poo    20 minutes ago (edited) 

Hot lady getting cat called by a car horn at 2:56- 3:01 "Aoooga!" Only one thing in a guys mind since the creation of Eve.


Goku Black  1 hour ago 

Pause at 2:58 yummy


Felipe Jose   2 hours ago 

2:56 Pretty nice rack


Prismas  33 minutes ago 

2:57 😳


Jim Jalpert  4 hours ago 

2:56 ba-ba-ba-boooom 😛


Whit D.10 hours ago 

2:56 She’s thick. Was. 😔❤️


Stevie Max  6 hours ago 

Chic at 2:58 could’ve got it. That’s all


Romario Lara    1 hour ago 

@2:56 anyone got her @? She thiccc


theproperenglishman1 hour ago 

I like her too, I’m sure she was a good time in her day.


Number Nothing   2 hours ago 

2:55 Stacked


stguerrero23g   1 hour ago 

Damn that woman at 2:56 was stacked no surgeries just pure genetics.


Fuck Google  15 hours ago 

2:55 she is a babe! Look at those hips.


Payaso Chistoso      5 hours ago 

2:57 Beautiful


SassyGiraffe   3 hours ago 

Shawty at 2:56 thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal 👁👅👁


Geofredo Rodriguez  2 hours ago 

The lady walking at 2:55 was pretty hot and had a nice body...


Kenan Tarhan   4 hours ago 

2:56 that is a classy sexy woman right there :)


Baboon got my spoon     28 minutes ago 

2:57 the word “thicc” has its first definition


Harold Astral   1 hour ago 

2:57 OMG 😍😍😍❤️ beautiful


Will Richards   14 hours ago 

2:55. Even in those clothes you can tell this woman had one amazing body!


Blue Light   9 hours ago 

That woman at 2:57 was so beautiful.


Daniel Santana Oliveira   6 hours ago 

2:56 T H I C C


Peter McLelland   3 hours ago (edited) 

The confident handsome woman walking across the corner of the Flatiron building ? A personality ? A life ? Been & gone ? The intrigue of the 'stranger' ?


onefatstratcat  6 hours ago 

2:55 hubba hubba!


eugene endres  2 hours ago 

Damn, the woman in front of the flatiron building is totally stacked !!


E. Gon   31 minutes ago 

Hello at 2 minutes 57 seconds.....


2020 الزرزور فوق السور1 hour ago 

The beautiful photo is in 02:57 ..58 ..59


Charlie Harper   22 hours ago 

Chick at 2:57 is hot


Dodge Bullet  7 hours ago 

At 2:55 check out the rack on that !


Technical Glitch   30 minutes ago 

2:56 That woman's got quite a rack.. I mean hat.


Normal Misha    3 hours ago 



Normal Misha   3 hours ago 

She's packing up top.


Alexei Savrasov    3 days ago 

who is the chick in the thumbnail? Asking for a dead friend.


Chris Ayers  2 hours ago 

The woman at 2:56 is hot even from today’s standards


ニートたけし35 minutes ago 

2:55 巨乳ちゃんで草 (Big breasts)


LegendofKevin    2 hours ago 

ima need the @ from 2:56


Janie Rios    6 hours ago (edited) 



A Knot 1 week ago 
The lady at 1:30 very pretty.


Jesus if Lord -1 month ago 
1:30 she hot!


Charles Flemming 1 month ago 
The woman at 1:30 walked 
straight out of heaven (smiling face)


August Mike – 1 month ago 
Number one – women 1:30 
I love her (flower, flower, flower)


Dee Elle – 1 month age 

Chesty Morgan @ 1:30 …damn 
those are huge.  Wish I could 
jump into Doc Brown’s time 
machine a go meet her


Rick Lane     4 hours ago 

At 2:55 a very pretty lady xxx



Babe in the tight-fitting dress and feathered hat at 2:55 - Whaaaazzzzuuuuuuupp!?


yinhan chan chanel   3 hours ago 

2:55 wow


ᴘᴀɢᴏᴅᴇʟᴀs - GT: Chaouncy    22 minutes ago 

2:56 DAMN that girl was beautiful


charles flemming   1 hour ago (edited) 

2:56 That woman was well put together.


J Hoodied   3 hours ago 

2:55 Hot babe


Antwin Onioston  1 hour ago (edited) 

2:56 nice...


Alfredo Costa   3 hours ago (edited) 

02:55 | now that´s a good looking lady, over there.


Abztraktt   4 hours ago 

@2:56 somebody's great grandma was thick af lol


Zohair S.23 minutes ago 

2:52 The Daily Bugle


Memphis9  13 hours ago 

That woman at 2:56 is fine asf 😍 What’s her ig tho? 😩🤔


Florax  2 hours ago 

2:56 that's a hottie


Mike Letterst    45 minutes ago 

2:55 thicc


MIchi We   8 hours ago 

2:56 damn she thicc


Kotori Itsuka      5 hours ago 

2:56 would bang


Robert wilson1 hour ago 

The woman at 2:56 kinda thicc ngl. That Turn of the century booty prolly hit different.


Austin G1 hour ago 

2:55 ayo what's this bitchez @ ?


Austin G1 hour ago 

2:55 ayo what's this bitchez @ ?


raaandy8 hours ago 

2:55 GTA 3


Ery man6 hours ago 

2:58...that woman looks very pretty💚


Vitor Madeira   2 hours ago 

2:56 Great Scott! Take a look on how that lady was tremendously elegant!


Tattooed Pain      9 hours ago 

That lady at 2:56 is very hot


Stray      4 hours ago 

2:55 WOWZA she THICC


suhaire mus1 month ago 

beautiful gf at 1.29


cinerama621 week ago (edited) 

I'm curious about the woman at 1:30 . I wonder who she is, about her life, etc....



Bertie Blue  56 minutes ago 

Everyone remarkably elegant and the women noticeably trim but with big tits, I bet they fucked like rabbits


Mr. X    5 hours ago 

Holy shit look at 2:57, that's one woman gifted with some natural bulk. 😄


Wiki-tech pedio 
2:58 more beautiful than 2020 facemask


John Phills  7 hours ago 

2:54 look at them titties!


RyzenKurt Ritchie   5 hours ago 

2:57 Beautiful Woman in 1911 💗


Jtrillz Kenobi - 
2:57 Dayummmmm she got curves and huge jugs.  What’s her @ ?


Matt Moves - 
2:55 Damn she is thicc


Joy – 1 hr. 
The lady at 2:57 looks beautiful….


Wade Walsh   1 hour ago 

2:56 ayyooo


Army Josh - 
At 2:58 saw the then Ms. Universe


r juttemeijer  1 year ago 

Nice rack at 1.31!


G Mack  1 year ago 

1:30 gorgeous lady walks by. Looks strangely modern.


Estuardo  1 year ago 

Gorgeous lady at 1:29


mr fantastic   1 year ago 

1:29 now that's what I call woman


Ian Clarke   1 year ago 

Total top totty at 1.30


John Horter    1 year ago 

Click bait, Taftian era style!


Peter Maxwell   1 year ago (edited) 

1:31 nice looking woman walks past 😊


eugene endres   1 year ago 

Anyone notice the woman at 1:28. That's a hot looking chick ! And she is stacked ! Even with that old fashioned dress she's wearing, you can't help but notice that. lol


John Gibson   1 year ago 

1:30 - curves.......where they should be!


G Up   1 year ago 

Chick at 1:30 is hot


Newshound   1 year ago 

Woman walking past had a nice figure. Then I remember she’s 140 years old and dead.


redskinjim   11 months ago 

nice rack at 1.30


ArcherPiperII   11 months ago 

@1:30...over 100 years later and she is still turning heads!


Howard Halifax  11 months ago 

Love that woman who just coolly walks past at 1:28 Such grace.


EyeComeInPeace                         10 months ago 

For sure. And she looked beautiful too. I keep thinking I wish I can just go through the computer screen and back into that time and just meet her and talk to her, or any other woman of that time period for that matter.


Howard Halifax                10 months ago 

@EyeComeInPeace Yeah. I wonder who she was. Where she was going. She intrigues me. But the way she saunters past with such elegance is wonderful. You don't see that these days.


EyeComeInPeace   10 months ago 

@Howard Halifax Absolutely friend. You just don't.


TheGrayton20001 month ago 

@EyeComeInPeace now its just whores everywhere


Daffy's Looney   2 weeks ago 

You saw that too, huh!


johnroy hella  5 days ago 

I saw her ,, what do you think she might have done for a living,? i would say, music teacher or tailoring women's clothing..


E Mack  1 day ago 

I must say that I love the long dresses on the women.


Karen Avagyan  11 months ago 

1:31 nice baby


Dee Elle   8 months ago (edited) 

Chesty Morgan walking by @ 1:30


Al Banich      8 months ago 

Since no one has pointed out, who's that beautiful woman @1:31? Any research of who she is name?


Steven Z 2 months ago 

She is striking.


omniu c             7 months ago 

1:31 thicc little thang thang


Joseph Jove                  7 months ago 

That young woman at 1:30 is thick as fuck. I'd go back just to watch her walk by again.


Alex f cruz               6 months ago 

1:30 mulher charmosa olhar jeito forte de personalidade! (charming woman, strong personality)


ANTONY FAMÀ   6 months ago 

The woman that appears at 1:30 for 1911 she’s pretty fine!


Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500  4 months ago 

By 1911 standards, that's a good looking woman, even by todays standards, and that's rare


ANTONY FAMÀ   4 months ago 

Keith Johnson - True!


Zlatoje Martinov    1 month ago 

Look at 1:29-1:32 what a beautiful and elegant lady 30yo maybe! OMG, to fall in love 109 years after!


Frank Fontaine – 6 months ago 

Whose great, great grandma is that?  2:57


Invalidacess – 5 months ago 

Loved that they caught that woman with the huge rack. 

And you know that real bc they weren’t doing all that plastic surgery. 
God bless the body that carries them!


Lucius Severus 
The woman at 2:57...I wonder how she would look with modern hair, clothes and make-up;)


The woman that appears at 2:57 a 1911 pretty fine woman.


1911 – Hellooooooooooo 

The Girl at Minute 2:59 wonder how she looks at Age 108


2:56 SMOKIN’ hottie y’al came to see!



2:56 wolf whistle


Mark Kelly 
Beautiful   . What a smashing looking lady who walks across camera. 
The whole video was delightful…


Frank Eckert 
Hellooooo babe 2:59


Someone’s great great grandmother is fine as hell at 


The Unknown Fish 
djdjdjdjd Point titties


She is beautiful.  I kept watching her over and over


Velton Meade 
Yah she’s sweet and a nice body to boot.


yes, she was HOT!!!!!!!!!! :o)


RideSharing en Espanol 




Natural Techinologist 
2:56 At first I thought, “Wow that 
Lady is sexy.”  Then I thought, “OMG, that 
could have been my great, great grandmother.”


Vito madeira 

2:55 WOW!  How elegant that lady was…! 


Jerry’s Showroom – 3 months agp 

2:55 That woman blow my mind.  What a beauty


Army Josh   6 hours ago 

At 2:58, saw the then Ms Universe


serz gregory   19 hours ago 

2:58 - nice woman.


Zeus Mix   3 hours ago (edited) 

min 02.55, i loved it!!....


2:58  Chiefster – Yoooo she nodded wassup to the camera lmao 

     Nick Adreas – Duuuude I saw that too LMAO


mariusjns   18 minutes ago 

massive jugs alert at 2.57


once upon a death   1 day ago 

2:56 thic


Joshua Vegasman - Hot Russian babe at 2:55”


acanuck4life 6 days

“2:56 Milk truck arrived.” 


2:57 - Jack Mustard  1 week ago

School teacher


2:56 boobs  B Nap 2 weeks ago


 Kyle2 weeks ago (edited) 

2:56 I had no idea woman had huge boobs back then


fiat is king   3 weeks ago (edited) 

Wow! The hottie @ 2:55


Uncle Davy   3 weeks ago 

Well dressed and elegant. They have no idea, 100 years later someone will watch them via a computer. Saw a beautiful lady at 2:56. Sadly most, maybe everyone in this video is not living. We may also go away in 100 years, and someone will like this comment 100 years from now. If you future folks see this comment. Pray that we all Rest in peace. Bandwidth right now sucks. Might improve in heaven. Enjoy your 80K VR videos. Cheers


Maria Del Pilar Villegas3 weeks ago 

100% all natural no silicone 2:56


Creepzer1783 weeks ago 

2:57 those are some big honkers


The Chief   3 weeks ago 



Alex   3 weeks ago 

Incredibile hanno tutti il cappello..... 2:57 ragazza carina....


Musy A   4 weeks ago 

2:56 YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL MAAM. Anyone know her instagram??


D Grigory1 month ago 

2:52 DAILY BUGLE !!!!


eddy ismail   1 month ago 

wow 2:57 🥰


Warrior King    1 month ago 

2:57 woman was thicc. I'd tap her!

Amon Sniper Goeth    1 month ago (edited) 

2:55 ¿Alguien sabe el facebook de esta señorita?


Sam Corinella    1 month ago 

Lovely looking lady at 2:58, I wonder who she was? A guy 109 years later would fancy her, fancy that!


Fawn Flying    1 month ago 

I agree, she's beautiful


Cruno04 channel1 month ago 

She's your great grandma


car7000   1 month ago 

2:55 damn that's some thiccc lady


Natã Pereira2 months ago 

2:55 I fell in love


John Thomas  2 months ago 

Tig oles (all) @ 2:55


William Garcia2 months ago 

Que buena la vieja del 2:55 

(how good the old woman of 2:55)


Su Rfer2 months ago 

2:55 Lady from 1911:walks down the street Me in 2020:cool hat lady🥰😂


Comoroo2 months ago 

Amazing video!!! 2:55 Hubba Hubba! Who’s that girl


Ade C  2 months ago 

proper rack


Lucius Severus Pertinax   2 months ago 

The woman at 2:55----- "Hellllooo, Momma!"


Gustavo Fring   2 months ago 

Wow she had some melons on her here dress was really thick.


Let It Be   2 months ago 

2:56 a pretty LADY 👍


Ismelitooo El caballo   2 months ago 

2:55 she thicker than a snicker


Ariel Maldonado   2 months ago (edited) 

Nice rack 2:56


gurzik   2 months ago 

2:56 she’s hot


tempo ratus   2 months ago 

The woman at 2:57 ; gorgeous body! mmmm


Roger Sheddy   2 months ago 

2:56 Wooo! Wooo!







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